The traditional Bookcrossing Convention raffle will take place as usual.
We will follow the American method as seen at other Conventions. Please write your name  on every ticket you purchase and put  them into the box besides the prize(s) that you would most like to win. The raffle is drawn on Saturday afternoon.

If you would like to donate either a full raffle prize, or something smaller to be included in a raffle prize with other items, please let us know.

Raffle prizes offered (thanks to everyone!):

  • Canadian Goody Bag (bookgirrl)
  • Black Forest Box (RazFaz)
  • Spanish prize (livrespublic)
  • Lisbon prize (ApoloniaX)
  • Berlin prize (Andreasberlin)
  • East meets West Germany box (Leseschaf and Puffbohne)
  • Florida prize (Azuki)
  • Norway prize (travelina)
  • Bookcrossing goodies prize (RoseOfDarkness)
  • DSCF9452_2


Convention fee payments

Only three more months to go!
The schedule is coming together, and you will be able to sign up for fun activities during the next weeks.
Until then, we kindly ask everyone who is already registered to pay the fee until February 10th. Please note that we can’t make refunds for cancellations past that date.