Registration is closed.

The convention fees are:

  • regular ticket (adults and children older than 14 years) : 68 €
  • Early bird (if you register until 31.12.2018): 60 €
  • Children (10-13 years): 50% of the regular price/early bird price
  • Children (0-9 years): free

To pay you can either transfer the money directly to our bank account or use Pay Pal (send money to In order to save Pay Pal fees we kindly ask everyone from a Euro country to transfer the money to our bank account. If you use Pay Pal please send the money as a family and friends payment. Thank you!

Last day to register: March 30th

Bookcrossing Convention Mainz 2019 e.V.
Deutsche Skatbank/VR Altenburger Land

You won’t receive an email confirmation of our registration. Please check the attendees list after a few days if your name was added.